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Greta Olivares focuses on maintaining health and fostering engagement in the online setting

Greta Olivares, a GSE alumna, shares how maintaining her health and staying connected with others helped her succeed in online classes

Supporting mental health and well-being

Greta Olivares graduated in June 2020 with a Master’s Degree from the International Education Policy Analysis Program at the GSE. She managed her mental and physical health by practicing daily routines, engaging with others both in-class and in-person, and taking physical breaks from the screen after long online sessions.


“[It has been helpful] just having people to socialize with and someone else around the house.” (00:25)
“Come up with a semi-routine” (1:00)
“Doing group work has helped me not only stay engaged with the course content but also stay engaged with some of my classmates” (1:27)
“I really need to separate from my computer for about 30 minutes or an hour after class ends” (2:20)
“Whenever I take my headphones off, that helps mitigate some of the Zoom fatigue” (2:40)