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Haley Hemm offers tips on managing workloads and staying organized

Haley Hemm, a GSE alumna, describes how she kept organized and managed screen time during Spring 2020

Bridging synchronous and asynchronous learning

Haley Hemm discusses her methods on how to manage workload throughout the quarter. Hemm graduated from the GSE with a Master’s Degree in Educational Policy, Organization, and Leadership Studies in June 2020. During her time at Stanford, she also served as a Digital Ambassador for GSE-IT. Hemm has 10 years of teaching and coaching experience, serving in the¬†classroom, on the court, and as a school leader in countries all over the world. Currently, Hemm is an assistant principal at an independent grade 7-12 school.


“Without being able to print some of the articles this quarter, I wouldn’t be able to do the work because I couldn’t manage any more screen time.” (00:30)
“I get physical books to balance out the many hours… online.” (00:55)
“The Canvas Zoom Calendar for all my classes for all my classes has been extraordinarily helpful.” (1:17)
“Choosing classes that are going to bring me joy.” (2:08)
“If the class is not bringing you joy, it’s really hard to do it online.” (2:17)