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Hannah Johnstone shares challenges and best practices for working from home

Hannah Johnstone, a GSE alumna, describes her challenges with online learning and offers some promising practices for remote learning

Gathering assessment and feedback

Hannah Johnstone is an alumna of the GSE, where she studied International and Comparative Education and graduated in June 2020. She is currently working at the REAP Center at the Freeman Spogli Institute and plans to move to China in the future.

Johnstone recommends having a designated area that separates the work-space from the non-workspace, keeping close contact with professors and colleagues, and being open and honest about your needs. These practices, along with an organized schedule and designated work times, have helped her prepare for a more productive quarter.


“A folder space divides off my workspace from my non-workspace.” (0:45)
“Have a designated work time.” (1:30)
“Be very honest and open about your needs.” (2:00)