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Karla Lomeli talks about her experience adapting to remote learning

Karla Lomeli, a PhD Candidate in the Race, Inequality, and Language in Education (RILE) program, provides tips on learning from home

Bridging synchronous and asynchronous learning

Karla Lomeli is a Ph.D. Candidate in Race, Inequality, and Language in Education (RILE) at the Graduate School of Education at Stanford University. Her research interests involve studying the intersection of race and language and its implications on language and literacy development as it relates to Immigrant-origin Latinx students and their schooling experience. Prior to Stanford, she was a High School English Language Arts Teacher for nine years in East Side San Jose and one year in East Side Salinas. She earned a Masters in Teacher Education and has experience in Instructional coaching, Curriculum, Educational Consulting, and Professional Development. In addition, Karla has an administrative credential. Most recently she earned a Masters in Sociology at Stanford University while pursuing her Ph.D.

After her time at Stanford, Karla is interested in developing future generations of teachers as she longs to become an academic Professor in a Teacher Credentialing Program. In addition, she longs to contribute to the academic field with her ongoing research.


“Try to tackle all tasks and assignments in compartments and designate specific times for each.” (0:22)
“Set weekly goals, monthly goals, and take them in accordance of its priorities.” (1:08)
“Be very intentional about making sure to have all the materials and required things at home.” (1:45)
“Make do with what you have by recreating, rethinking, retooling, and reshifting new ways to operate and to function efficiently.” (2:02)