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Back-to-school workshop

Integrating tools new and old to elevate learning experiences

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Facilitator: Mae Bethel, GSE IT Academic Technology Specialist
Presentation slides: Back-to-School Workshop Presentation

Recording of the session:

Central Questions: 

  • How can we structure courses to integrate tools new and old?
  • How can we elevate learning experiences to be inclusive and generative?
  • What tools and techniques establish enduring connections?

Key quotes: 

Panopto is our video hosting software integrated with Canvas that is also the host for any Zoom recordings displayed in the Canvas course. Panopto gives you the ability to host a flipped classroom approach by distributing content before the session for students to engage with. (04:33)

Slack discussion can be a great tool to bridge the gap between in-person and online. Not only can you enable it in your Canvas course, but you can also customize the channels within it. For example, you can create a channel for in-class support and discussion. (05:15)

Poll Everywhere can be a great way for students to respond to polls, or other question types [on any device with an internet connection]. With some question types, like multiple choice, you can select correct answers, and this way you can gauge the understanding of a concept. (15:33)

Jamboard is a great tool to make class more interactive and inclusive by having a blank whiteboard where you can draw, type, or insert shapes. Any student can add a response, participate, and share their opinions for other students to see.  (16:47)

Canvas assignments can be a good way to assign group projects or peer reviews. It’s a versatile tool where you can set different due dates for sections, or even individual students, with a rich text editor to have any formatting for the prompts and introduction. (20:00)



  • Video recording and storing software integrated within Canvas for archiving any Zoom recordings for class
  • Compatible with flipped classroom approach by distributing content before the session for students to engage with
  • Edit, create, and deliver videos directly in Panopto instead of through recording Zoom meetings
  • Watching a video can enhance the multiple modalities of the course and promote engagement and participation


  • A communication tool to bridge the gap between in-person and online; recommended for non-essential communication
  • Responses can store a variety of media, such as links and emojis
  • More elective for students, and allows students to have more control in creating sub-threads and channels; also facilities communicating with peers in informal ways
    • Depending on user settings, students can also be notified of any response to their posts
  • Customizable options and ability to share different content posts, information, and announcements; it is compatible with other platforms such as Google Docs 

Poll Everywhere

  • Live polling platform that allows participants to respond on any device with an internet connection
  • Large selection of question types (eg, word clouds, upvoting, image annotation, etc.) to gauge students’ understanding of a concept 
  • Generate data and visualize overall responsiveness over classes and lectures
  • Integration options to insert into PowerPoint or Google Slides with live polling


  • Collaborative whiteboard tool to make class more interactive and inclusive; free to use and share 
  • Students can respond to or work with other students by using different media types and features
  • Option for group work and creating separate documents or slides for different activities and projects
  • Co-create content in synchronous activities or, conversely asynchronous work outside of class


  • Assign group projects or peer reviews, with the option to set different due dates for sections or even individual students
  • Instructors can partition assignments, announcements, files, and discussions  throughout the quarter for different sub-groups of students
  • Students are able to post separate discussions and comment on each other’s posts or replies
  • Rich text editor feature for formatting assignments, prompts, announcements, and other course content