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Lunch-n-Learn: Reflections on Remote Learning – What’s Worth Keeping?

GSE instructors reflect over the past year and share strategies that have made a difference in remote instruction

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Lunch-n-Learn: (Re)Designing Online Classrooms for Active, Collaborative Learning

GSE instructors share their technologies and strategies on how they support active learning in online environments

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Lunch-n-Learn: Instructor Panel #2

GSE instructors share their methods, tools, and strategies on how to support the student learning experience and foster engagement in the online setting

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GSE IT Workshop: Creating Space for Connection and Engagement

A workshop lead by Denise Pope and Laura Easley on how to use teaching and learning to build a connection

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Nicole Ofiesh and Kathryn Payne

Lunch-n-Learn: Universal Design for Learning

A Lunch-n-Learn panel presented by Nicole Ofiesh and Kathryn Gray on how Universal Design for Learning (UDL) fosters better learning outcomes

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Robert Wachtel Pronovost designs remote learning around choice and trust

Video discussion, escape rooms, and malleable reading lists set the stage for an inclusive and organic learning environment

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Christopher Cormier and Catalina Martinez share their technology tools for success

Christopher Cormier and Catalina Martinez talk about dynamic teaching methods and the technology they use to facilitate their course

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For Sean Reardon, the shift to online meant trying on some new hats

Sean Reardon and his teaching team create opportunities for levity while building a space for collective learning

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Greta Olivares focuses on maintaining health and fostering engagement in the online setting

Greta Olivares, a GSE alumna, shares how maintaining her health and staying connected with others helped her succeed in online classes

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Podcast: Elena Darling-Hammond and Danny Pimentel share their experience as TAs bridging students and instructors

Peer conversation addressing the evolving role of the TA

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Podcast: Tatiana Zamora, Jesse Ramirez, Monica Sircar, and Jane Weiss provide insights on how courses supported their career goals

GSE first-year Ph.D. students chat about choosing classes based on personal and research interests

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Podcast: Ghisly Garcia and Brian Chien share what they learned about building community remotely

GSE master’s students reflect on how they built relationships with their cohort

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Podcast: Becca Hanlin and Rob Heavner share their remote experiences and community-building activities

GSE students reflect on what made their classes unique and share hopes for the next quarter

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Jarita Greyeyes recommends building connections with your cohort

Jarita Greyeyes, a third-year Race, Inequality, and Language in Education (RILE) student, shares how she copes with the stresses of her program

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Hannah Katherine D’Apice provides remote learning advice for Ph.D. students

Hannah Katherine D’Apice, a International Comparative Education (ICE) Ph.D. student, shares collaborating methods and tools for the online setting

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Lunch n Learn Student Voices

Lunch-n-Learn: Student Voices Panel

GSE students and alumni reflect on their online classroom experiences, how far they have come as online learners, and plans for the future

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Mathieu Penot offers advice on connecting with other students

Mathieu Penot, a Learning, Design and Technology (LDT) MA student, provides tips on how he managed online classes

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Hannah Johnstone shares challenges and best practices for working from home

Hannah Johnstone, a GSE alumna, describes her challenges with online learning and offers some promising practices for remote learning

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