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Getting Things Done: Strategies and Digital Tools for Time and Tasks

Understanding personal energy and procrastination to improve productivity

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Boosting awareness with digital design tools

How to apply design tips to boost course or event offerings using ready-made templates

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Bringing cooperative learning structures online using breakout rooms

How to bring traditional peer interaction structures like jigsaw, speed dating, gallery walks, and mix and mingle into the digital space

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Active and interactive learning online

This study compares the learning differences between students in an online writing course and an in-person writing course

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The Flipped Classroom: Engage millennial students through active learning strategies

A literature review on the benefits and challenges of a “flipped classroom” approach

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University students’ mental health amidst the COVID-19 quarantine in Greece

A quantitative study of 1,000 university students in Greece shows the mental health challenges from COVID-19

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YouthTruth Survey: Learning and well-being during COVID-19

A bird’s-eye view of changes to students’ well-being in response to shifts in their learning environments during COVID-19

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The impact of COVID-19 on student mental health

A survey from Active Minds, a leading college mental health organization on the impact of COVID-19 on student mental health

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Student anxiety and depression increasing during school closures

A survey assessing new mental health challenges among California high school and college-aged students

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COVID-19’s mental health effects on children, college students, and adults

This article discusses how college students, children, and adults are uniquely impacted by COVID-19

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How chemists achieve active learning online during the COVID-19 pandemic

A Singaporean study on the transition to online learning

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The instructor’s face in video instruction

Two field studies highlight the value of social cues for motivation, and expresses caution against the one-size-fits-all approaches to instructional design

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Recording and sharing Zoom meetings and chat

How to record a synchronous and asynchronous Zoom class and access the chat features

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Collection of teaching resources for instructors and TAs

This collection of internal and external resources can help instructors and teaching teams adapt in-person courses to an online format

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